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Dater Beware

Online dating should be a fun and fulfilling experience. However, being open to so many different characters makes it just as risky as it is rewarding. Scams are rampant in this community with everything from catfishing to credit card fraud.

So, you need to be very careful to strike the perfect balance between constant vigilance and emotional vulnerability. Here are a few tips that should come in particularly handy if you are looking for love using a Latin dating site.

Choose the right site

It is all about who you choose to sign up with. Some dating websites such as take your security very seriously. These services usually provide strict verification protocols as well as other anti-fraud systems designed to protect you. Find all the information you need on

To stay safe and protect yourself from the numerous online predators out there it is best to ensure that you only sign up with websites that have strict anti-scamming systems in place. This is truly the best and only way to ensure that you enjoy the process without worrying too much about having to watch your virtual back constantly.

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Insist on confirming identity yourself

Imagine a situation where you have found someone you are truly connecting with. Everything seems perfect. You like all the same things; she laughs at your corny not-so-funny jokes, and the profile looks like something straight out of a Vogue centerfold. Is she real?

If it all seems too good to be true, it is best to confirm your partner’s identity yourself. Usually the dating site recommends conducting regular video calls with the person. You will be able to tell instantly whether the person you are talking to is the same person whose profile attracted you. If they are cagey and shady about receiving the call, it is often a sign that you are dealing with a con.

Avoid sharing sensitive information

You should never share personal information such as your phone number, physical address and work address with someone you’ve met online. These can easily be used against you in many different online scams, including extortion.

You should also, by all means, avoid sharing financial information. This doesn’t just apply to obvious things like credit card numbers and bank account details. You should also keep your net worth to yourself. By keeping this a secret, you are pretty much guaranteed that people who show interest in you are doing it because they like you and not your bank account size.

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Never ever send money

It doesn’t matter if they swear up and down they just got arrested, or lost an aunt or got diagnosed with cancer. Sending money to someone with whom you only share an online relationship is never a good idea. It is a common ruse used by scammers preying on online dating service users. So to protect yourself, it is best to channel your inner miser and be a little stingy. This might be a little different if you are a die-hard giver but trust me, it is for your own good.

Report all suspicious activity

Finally, in order to protect yourself and other users, it is always good to play the whistleblower. Do not let anyone get away with shady behavior, especially if it is in direct violation of the website’s anti-scamming policies.

Most reputable online dating sites, including, accept reports from their members. So, even if you aren’t 100% sure that someone is a scammer, make sure to report suspicious activity as soon as possible.

The site will conduct their own intensive investigations to determine whether it was a false alarm or whether you actually caught a scammer.

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