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I am cheerful, smiling, easy going lady. I like making surprises, giving presents to my friends, when they don’t expect it at all. I have many friends. I adore nature and like camping in the forest. It’s so beautiful in the forest on the shore of the lake: tent, shining stars, fire, guitar, and true friends around. I used to go camping with my friends and my little dog by car. I adore driving. I am never getting tired of driving. I’ve driven all Urals, the area where I live. In wintertime I like to go to discos, downhill skiing and ice skating with my friends. I read a lot. I am very optimistic person and don’t like complaining people. My motto is: “I myself make my life. If one knows what he wants, he will achieve it.”
Well, there is no man of my dream in my life now. Not everybody likes such optimistic and self – supporting women like me. That’s why I would like to meet as optimistic person as I am . He works hard but can relax well too. I want him to become my best friend, my reliable support, the person I could trust in everything. I would like just to be together in silence and know that I am understood. The man, in my opinion, should be self-supporting, clever, independent, confident and ready to share the warmness of his heart with me, accepting my love and kindness. We would divide all bad things half and multiple twice all the sweets of life.

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I have sociable, open and cheerful character. My life taught me to be an optimist and believe only in good things, meet the problems with a smile. The biggest support in life is my daughter and family. Just like any other woman I dream to love and be loved. I dislike people who talk instead of doing something. I respect men who are responsible, supportive and tactful. I want to have a reliable and faithful man by my side, who would be a kind friend for my daughter and loving husband for me. He should be non-drinker.

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I am well-tempered, having a sense of humor. I value honesty. I like everything beautiful and interesting: the sun, the sea, the mountains, children, flowers, theater, music. My favorite season is spring. My hobby is needlework ( sewing, knitting). My attitude to smoking is negative. I see my chosen man as a kind, attentive, educated, and reliable one without any bad habits, who will be able to be loving and caring towards me and our future children, who is able to be a good provider for his family.

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I am a responsible, faithful, kind, caring, considerate, sociable and active, optimistic and romantic lady with a good sense of humor. I enjoy movies, music, sports (swimming and aerobics). I like reading books, spending time on nature with my friends. I lead an active life, I love children and I am very attentive to my friends and to the people who are dear to me. I would like to meet a faithful, manly, intelligent, and reliable man. I don’t want him to be insincere, dishonest and halfhearted.

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I am active, nice, communicative and easy-going, compliant, energetic girl of humor. I’m romantic, sensitive and tender, quiet, serious and kind, honest, even-tempered and modest. I like to take care of the people I love. I’m also reliable and responsible, faithful, witty and smart. I’m fond of traveling, listening to the music, shopping, cooking and creating cosiness and comfort in my house. I like to grow flowers and have romantic dinners. I dream of meeting a serious, calm, reliable and caring man with various and broad interests.

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