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From past few months, the No Strings Attached or FWB kinds of relationships are growing more. Most of the youngsters as well as older people are looking forward to finding a partner for sexual benefits. Probably, no one is ready to move ahead with emotional stress. The NSA relationships give the opportunity to manage a mutually enjoyable relationship without any commitment, rules or labels.

You can go online and join some good quality hookup or FWB dating sites to find your partner. These online sites can help you to find your NSA partner without any restriction and you can enjoy one night stand with ease. It is much easier to create a profile over online dating sites and soon you can enjoy the best time with interesting personalities from different corners of the world.

However, the NSA and FWB relationships are made for those who are not interested to fall in emotional attachments; they too have many pros and cons. Some of you might be eager to know do these relationships actually work. The list of pros and cons below will help you to know the truth behind NSA relationships.


  1. With NSA relationships you find a person who is ready to meet you at your call. You both value each other’s needs and enjoy great humor together. Beyond all the emotional boundaries, the NSA and friends with benefits kind of relationships are much easier to manage. They ensure maximum advantages with minimum insecurity.
  2. The No Strings Attached relations are more about sex and a joyful company with your partner. You have all the fun in private and there are no personal feelings behind. You both share similar interests and never bother about what is hidden in someone’s heart. Whereas in simple relationships, most of the couples stay worried about the complicated feelings of each other.
  3. You will be happy to hear that in No Strings Attached kind of relationships, there is no awkwardness and no judgments are involved in relations. You both love to experiment new things and it helps to strengthen your confidence.
  4. As there are least feelings involved in relations so you never face any pressure about how to impress and please your partner. You are always accepted and encouraged.
  5. The FWB dating does not follow the drama phase. You don’t have irrelevant arguments and not even face unwanted obligations.

truth behind NSA relationships


  1. These relationships do not follow any boundary. You don’t have any serious future with your partner and there is no effort towards inner happiness. It is just a time pass solution for temporary happiness.
  2. These relationships grow with a lack of responsibility.
  3. In case if any one of both partners starts falling into emotional feelings then the relationship becomes too complicated.
  4. If one start demanding more and other do not care then a painful disappointment can lead. But if you are in true agreement with staying away from emotional drama then nothing can make your relationship tough.

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