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It is not necessary to keep mentioning that marriage is very important and is perhaps one of the key events in life of every single human being. We all know it, regardless of whether one denies it or not. Even the decision to neglect and diminish the marriage’s importance pivots around the same basic idea – it is the crucial point in life which determines what the rest of it will look like.

Some people claim that love does not exist, and it is solely an illusion. In other words – it is not real. However, they misunderstand emotions and feelings with the word love. These three things do usually accompany each other. They are complementary, but love comprises many more things that are more important. If you want to build your relationships, relying only on your emotions, then you will 100% fail. The reason can be explained with the help of science: all those emotions and passionate feelings are the result of the work of certain hormones in our body, just like the adrenaline or fear hormones. All our emotions come from them. Obviously, just like fear fades away as long as the stressful situation disappears, passion and emotions become more silent over time because you get used to the other person. However, it is also true that as love keeps evolving and is different at distinct stages in life, emotion do follow the same pathway. To make things simple, you will keep falling in love with your husband or wife differently at distinct points in life. A person who is 30 years old does not love in the same way as the 20 years old do.

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Another part of people claim that online dating is not real, even if you are talking to a real person. They explain it in the following way – you cannot progress in your relationships and satisfy your needs by simply talking on via various communication programs. This is only partially true that you will need to endure, but love has no boundaries. We have even some stories where people waited for several years after they met each other. They could not get married because of their life circumstances and were waiting until their moment came. However, they are now even grateful that it did happen that way because they have learnt to value those moments when they are together. They have also discovered what it really means to miss somebody you love. Such things cannot be explained with words. You should go through this to understand it.russian wife sex

All of this seems so unrealistic until you either experience it yourself or hear a real love story. We suggest you choose the second option and read the following love story which happened on our website,

Den was 30 years old when he decided that it was the time to become more mature and to get married. He did not want to keep hanging out with his friends. The only thing that Den’s heart desired was love. Thus, he started looking for a wife online because he knew there was nothing for him in his hometown. Some his friends advised him to look for real  Russian wife because they are known to be one of the best candidates. This is how Den got registered on our website.

It did not take him long to find the one which grabbed all his attention. She also liked him but was also very cautious. Even when Den was asking for a real date, she hesitated. Later on, Den discovered the truth which actually shocked him. That woman once believed a man on another dating website and agreed to meet him, but when she came to visit him, he betrayed and raped her in his apartment. After that, she did not trust men, but Den won her trust and she finally agreed to marry him. Both of them now live together. Nothing can shatter their mutual happiness.

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