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It is not a secret anymore that young women are looking for older men, but older men also enjoy dating younger women. Young women appreciate the stability, security and support they can find at a mature man, and mature men love the freshness and beauty of a younger woman. But, when it comes to older men dating younger women, you should know that older men are pickier and won’t accept any kind of woman as their partner. If you are looking to date an older man, you need to know the types of younger women that are most appreciated and sought after by mature men. If you are in any of the following 3 categories, you will have a biggest change at getting the date you want.

  1. Women that care about their image

There is one thing for sure about older men and that is the fact that they will never leave their home without a flawless appearance. In comparison with younger men, they won’t throw on themselves whatever comes in handy from their closet. They will always have clean and ironed clothes, in the casual-elegant sphere, polished shoes, a shaved face or an arranged beard, and an adequate hairstyle. So, it is only normal for them to want women that are the same. They won’t fall for those young women that wear loud clothes or don’t show a bit of good state and style. They prefer women that look good even if they don’t expose their breasts or wear extremely tight clothes, because their elegant and refined appearance says more than just a lot of younger women

  1. Women that know how to bear an intelligent conversation

You will have a lot to learn if you end up dating an older man, because they have a lot of experience when it comes to life and anything else. But, besides being a good listener, men that are dating younger women prefer having a partner with whom they can talk on various topics. So, having conversational skills will help for sure, because a mature man will get tired of talking about the weather or the next destination for your vacation pretty soon. For serious and long term relationships, in the case of older men dating younger women, men are looking for women that are capable of managing intelligent conversations, because talking is a relaxing way to spend the time as well.

  1. Discreet women

Older men do not like to expose and brag themselves as young men do, so they prefer having a low profile, especially if they are wealthy or have a higher social status. Also, they like their partners to be discreet when it comes to their past relationships, because they don’t like being judged for what they did. What’s done is done and there is no point in having unpleasant conversations on things of the past. They won’t like questions about their financial status and wealth either, because that can make you a gold digger in their eyes. Don’t worry, if you are worth their attention, you will get to see what they can do for you. Meanwhile, be elegant, discreet, refined, and with a lot of common sense.

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