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It is obvious that each nationality has its own characteristic features, advantages and disadvantages. Today we want you to tell the reasons why you should date Slavic women. Here are the most obvious qualities of Russian girls that put them in a better light.

  1. Actually women in Russia and Ukraine are much more open and humble. It is very easy to get acquainted with them and to make friendship. Unfortunately you cannot say this about other European ladies. Moreover, the level of openness of Slavic woman is much higher than any American or European girl can imagine.
  2. Slavic women try to behave as real ladies in any situation. They don’t care about feminism and other popular Western tendencies. They try to attract the men with their own beauty, charm, tenderness and femininity.
  3. Probably it may sound incorrect, but Russian and Ukrainian women are the only ladies who try to take care of their appearance every free minute. They use expensive cosmetics, go to the gym, visit hairdressers and other beauty masters. They are ready to attract a man with their natural and constant beauty.
  4. Russian and Ukrainian girls dress more stylish, attractive and certainly more feminine than the American and European ladies who prefer the convenience and practicality. The difference is very obvious, and only the blind will not see it.
  5. The general opinion of Western men is than Slavic women are kind, caring, serious, and they are good wives. Women in the West, according to common point of view, are too materialistic, demanding and spoiled. To some extent this is true.
  6. Every man desire to love and to be loved. Russian women can surround you with endless care, attention, kindness and love.
  7. Good, honest, caring, decent, loyal, loving, gentle, affectionate, friendly – these character qualities you can find in every Slavic lady! Taking care of her husband and family is one of the main goals.
  8. Maternal instinct. The majority of Ukrainian and Russian ladies desire to find husband and give birth to the child up to the 27 years. And in most European countries in this age girls just graduate from universities and seek the job to build a career. And at the age of 40 they want to to be realized as a wives and mothers. Moreover Slavic women are ready to devote to the family all free time, they don’t need baby-sitters or housekeepers, they can do everything themselves.
  9. The level of education. The majorities of Slavic women are well-educated, well-read and can keep the conversation going.
  10. It is very easy to get acquainted with Russian and Ukrainian girls. If you are polite, the girl will surely answer you, at least she will talk to you couple of

To make a conclusion we would like to tell that every man would like to go hand in hand with luxurious woman. That is why Ukrainians and Russians are always concerned about their appearance. This is a must for every woman. It’s important to point out that intelligence as well as a beauty, is a strong point of Slavic women. They behave wisely in order to preserve the relationships with husbands, as well as to preserve the family comfort. However, these women can easily cope with the daily routine. Despite the fact that Slavic women are very hard-working, and cannot sit without work, they do not forget about the spiritual education and try to develop themselves.

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