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I don’t know how other think when it comes to dating but as for me I’ve always preferred the online dating system. And I will tell you why. Maybe is nice to get to know people in different occasions while going out with your friends, but it also can be quite awkward in some ways if because of your shyness who knows what you can say wrong. I don’t know exactly how it happened but at this moment from my group of friends I am the last one that is single. And my closest friends that I always get out are even married or have children so we go out in places that are appropriate for all of us.

I think is a little hard to pick up someone when you are with children after you, even that they aren’t yours. And o be honest, even if you go out only by ourselves I am not the kind that likes to pay attention to the rest of the world when I have my friend around. And not only because of that, but because I spend a lot of time at the computer every day and I think that dating sites gives me the opportunity to get to know better a person before I get out with him. I submitted my information on LovesFlirt, a dating site for getting to know people for dating or only for having with who to talk about al sort of things. Te be honest, until now I am really satisfied regarding the services they provide. And what I like is the fact that they have emojis. I am that kind of person that uses a lot the emoticons. On this site, when I start talking with some guy I can use different emojis to let him know if I like him or if I want to suggest something without really telling him. I can send a flower for a nice gesture and make a joke that now girls are sending flowers to good looking guys or if I want to be a little bit bold I can send an emoticon with a drink in to for a romantic touch.


Since I tries LovesFlirt I can tell you that I haven’t been disappointed. All the people around there are very nice ones, educated and smart also. You really have from where to choose. Regarding of what the guy inspires me, I use an emoji or many other gifts to show emotions like sympathy, affection or attraction, depends on what I feel for the other person. I use a lot of this things because for me it’s easier to let the other know how I feel for him by just making some allusions. And let’s be honest. An emoticon can be avoid and the other can easily shirk and this way not making you feel strange, also. Well, when you say the words, you can’t get them back, and in case of rejection you might not feel so good. So, emoticons and gifts are really helpful and I’m glad they are there to help. That being said you are free to use them as often you feel like regarding the situation you see yourself in.

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