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We all know someone whom we want to kiss or be kissed. Right? What if you haven’t kissed anyone yet? No worries! These kissing tips will guide you in making your first kiss perfect. Even if you are the one who have kissed so many girls/guys, you might be making a mistake which you don’t know. So, it is really important for you to know these kissing tips so that you can kiss your partner in a perfect manner.

Kissing Tips for everyone

This is the moment that you will remember for the rest of your life so its better not to spoil it by making any mistake.. All you have to be relax, it will make you kiss even better.

1. Kiss when you’re alone – A first kiss should always be done when the two of you are alone. You might be thinking that how can two of you be alone? haha! So, make sure there is nobody seeing you while you’re kissing. This is the only moment which you both want to remember and no one else.. If you’re at a party and you feels like kissing your partner.. Ask him/her to come out and go for a walk as you want a fresh air… This will help you in avoiding being nervous too!

2. Make sure you smell good – When you’re going for a date, always brush your teeth to avoid bad breath. There is nothing worse than kissing someone who has a bad breath. Also, I would like you to have some mint candies or a chewing gum. Have it before going to meet your partner.. This will help you in avoiding the bad breath from your mouth. In a case, if your partner likes to eat before actually kissing, make sure you take a mint candy right after you finish eating to remove the unwanted smell. If you have seen Jamon Jamon a Spanish movie starring Penelope Cruz, then you might be surprised to see her boyfriend kissing her after eating Garlic or even Ham. That’s only a movie, so you don’t need to imitate that scene

Make sure you wear clean clothes and also wear a deodorant with a nice fragrance. No matter how good your technique is, your partner will never enjoy kissing you if you don’t smell good. You should also take care of your facial hair (for men)… Be clean and groomed to feel fresh and look nice.

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3. Start with small kiss – If you start with small kiss and then work into a French kiss, you will make this kiss the most memorable one. Don’t be so excited to kiss your partner. Go slow and enjoy the every second of your first kiss. Starting with a small kiss will help you in knowing whether your partner is ready or not.. If your partner avoids your small kiss, don’t force! It will make the situation even worse than before and you will not be able to kiss that person again in future.

4. Use right technique – Be close to your partner while starting a kiss. You need to tilt your face the opposite side to your partner. This will help each of you in avoiding the collision of your nose. Also, you need to kiss your partner with a closed mouth when you going to kiss on lips. This looks quite mature and polite too! Don’t rush while kissing as this is something which you will not want to remember. After you have started kissing your partner, you take his/her lips in yours.

One more thing you need to keep in mind while kissing your partner is – you should not press your mouth too hard or too soft against your partner. Pushing too hard might make your partner feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, if you kiss so softly, your partner begins to wonder if you’re actually there or not. Also, you will miss your whole kiss if you kiss your partner too soft.

5. Learn the art of kissing – When you’re kissing your partner, you need to make sure how long is your kiss? You need to know if your partner is enjoying or not? Kissing may slow your breathing and you or even your partner needs air to breath. So, make your kisses of shorter intervals.. You should kiss other body parts too in between to make your kiss perfect. You have to breath casually to make your kiss for a longer period. You can breath through your nose to make your kiss last longer. Also, make sure you swallow your saliva if you’re kissing each other for a longer period. You can swallow your saliva when your mouth is closed for a second. This way, you can continue your kissing for even longer.

Kissing is not done with a mouth.. You need to use your hands too if you want to make it better. But you should know where to keep your hands while kissing or you might spoil the kiss. Its better to keep your one hand on your partner waist, face and use other hand to hold them behind their head. Be gentle while holding your partner.. All of you guys reading this post, make sure you don’t grab her b00bs while kissing.

Don’t convert your kissing into $ex every time. Let your partner feels your emotions and enjoy the every bit of your kissing moments

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