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One of the things that bring two people closer to each other even while being on a great distance is having a mutual dream! Happy couples do not share only some mutual things that they need to do at home, but they are also sharing some mutual dreams and plans. It doesn’t matter what they are tending to, it is simply important to have a common dream which they make come true together, and all of those things are accompanied by their mutual love.

The care about husband and the home tasks, all of those things should be done in a certain dose.

If looking closer at happy family couples than it will be easy to feel around you a special lane that is filled with sexual energy and that is the truth. Sexual fluids are something flying in the air around happy couples. And as statistics shows, thirty percent of happy couples start family life in the first place for the sake of regular family life.

For foreigners it is very easy to have a lot of sex anywhere they are located, but that is not an option for a Russian woman, as they were raised according to a severe home discipline stating to them that they can have all of that only after getting married and not before. That is why foreigners in order to have as much love and sex as they need, have to get married as soon as they can.

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And after the marriage they might start walking into a lot of tests, such as the difference in the masculine and feminine sexual activity. When the woman goes through the bloom of her sexual activity in the age between twenty nine to forty three years old, men are usually getting twice less active, which is one of the reasons why marriages fail, as women are very much concerned with the lack of sexual activity between their man and them.

The situation gets worst also due to the fact that besides all the functions women have they also play the parental role towards their men. Russian traditions teach their women from the early childhood to be very caring towards her family, as a result as soon as in the family appears a child, and then a second one, she subconsciously starts treating her husband as a child as well. This kind of woman doesn’t simply cook the breakfast, but she is also trying to convince her man to eat some of it.

The truth is that this feature is very harming for sex in a relationship, as woman in which this man feels a mother makes him loose his sexual addiction towards her. And it becomes a real problem even in very happy families. Taking care of husband and children and doing the home chores, all of those things should be done in a certain measure, otherwise a young mother turns into mommy.Happy family and waiting for baby in New Year

The problem is routine in the bedroom, when two people speak about routine in sex, they mean that they should fight with it, which needs this fight? For women habits in sex are much better when something new, in some new circumstances it is harder for her to get an orgasm, which is why for a certain “mood” she needs same environment. While man needs something new, the feeling that he is capturing, and there is nothing you can do about that, a loving wife knows about it, and at least sometimes she makes up something new, in order to safely keep her family’s happiness. And eventually faithfulness in the family is something normal.

It is not the fact that makes the marriage happy, but it is the fact that makes it possible. A simple marriage is less than a happy marriage. And a happy marriage in which two people cheat on each other is no sense. So if learning how to protect your marriage and love to take all the advices of people who have more wisdom and experience than a happily ever after can really be possible, and you can make it come true.

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