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In order to understand what things we can write while corresponding and which of them we should not even mention, we need to realize the borders of difference between the cultures. Like for example, a woman who is thirty three years old has written a letter, with a question that is bothering her for a very long time. She is looking for her soul mate for a very long period of time, more than four years, but all of her attempts were not lucky ones, so she asked even her friends to help her writing letters, but still there wasn’t any result, her friends who were also corresponding with foreigners have already met their half mates abroad and continue developing the relationship. So she kept wondering what her problem is, why all of the correspondences she had, and held for months were not developing into something greater and why was she left stuck at the same place with nothing. Some of the men she was corresponding with were simply disappearing without even explaining the reason why did they done it. So as she was not able to realize the reasons, she decided to come and ask for an advice, as maybe someone from the side could explain to her what she was doing wrong, and that would significantly help in the future.


So first of all it is important to realize that no matter what the gender is, whether you are a woman or man, you need to give space to the person you are with, only if you will be able to do that, there is a chance for a great future together, otherwise it is impossible. This woman, same as each of the men she was corresponding with was unhappy in her personal life that is why she decided to join a matchmaking agency in order to find that one and only person for herself, as well as each of those men were doing the same thing. But in this situation it is important to realize that it is a very important choice each of two genders are doing that is why, it is no need in rushing the events. When a person is being alone for a too long time there appears some desperate type of behavior, that is why as soon as man, or woman are meeting someone they give so much love and care that it might scare away the person they are with, and this person might start thinking that there is something wrong with your behavior and probably you are chasing for something.

Anyway my personal belief is that it is very important to talk all the time, to talk and ask what is wrong, and why did you stop communicating, who knows maybe the person has some problems and in this case it would be great to help out and support. We can guess a lot about the real reasons, but the truth is that only those men know about them. My advice would be to never stop trying and always leave place for some hope that everything will be great someday soon. Our brain and mind work this way, if we think that everything is wrong, then everything will eventually end up being wrong, but if we make ourselves believe that everything is awesome, the sun is shining bright, we have a happy life from which nothing is missing, then eventually little by little things will really start working this way. We are the builders of our own life, so it is important to built it only from happy “bricks”.

Also i would like to mention that Internet is becoming a very crowded place, each new day there are more and more people who dream about meeting their soul mates by means of it, and at the same time a lot of scammers or players appear, who are seeking not for love or family, but for sex and adventures, so it would be good if thinking from this point of view, and stop regretting about things that do not deserve that.

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