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You very often question yourself if a Russian lady of your dreams is ready for sex with you or not. In order not to spoil the whole impression about you, the following article suggests information about lady’s hidden hints connected to sex. But remember not Russian women are the same and make sure that all the signals are addressed to you and not anybody else. No coming to the signals themselves.

If a woman touches you many times, it means she like touching you, she likes your body. However, first look the way your lady behaves with the others, if her behavior is the same, then it is just her manner of communication and no more.

Another signal is spending most of time with you. For instance you are on the evening party, there are many interesting things to be done and friends to talk to, but she sits close to you and talks to you. This means she is very interested in you, your company and who knows, maybe even more.

If she invites you at her place on a small occasion, for instance to have a cup of tea or coffee or watch a movie, especially in the nigh time, then don’t forget to drop into the pharmacy and buy condoms, not to feel stupid when things get hotter, most likely you will need them.


If she supports your liberated topics, it is easy here. However, to start these topics, you need to be sure she is ready for them, otherwise you risk to seem disrespectful.

If she makes regular compliments on certain parts of your body, for instance your hands, muscles, etc.

When she talks to you, despite of looking into your eyes, she looks on your lips, most likely she is thinking of kissing them.

And now the most important part! If you see the signals – act! Be self-assured, don’t ask for permission, but do what you want. However, don’t go over the top, as she can get disappointed in you and start ignoring you. Good luck!

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