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A lot of men are dreaming to have at least one chance to take another woman in bed together with yours and make a trio. But what women think about this idea? It’s one thing when you see erotic dreams, but to fulfill these dreams into reality with your beloved one is completely different thing. After all, not all women would agree to such exotic pleasures. But if you do want to experiment in this direction, you should think about few key points.

Treason or game?

Surveys showed that in Winnipeg each refers to a threesome differently. For men, it is preferably a conventional erotic game or experiment in sex. For women, it can become a betrayal. It all depends on the nature of partners and their mutual understanding and trust in each other.

Who to choose for a third partner?

To decide who you want to see in in your bed as a third one is not an easy task. But in its decision partners must be unanimous. Of course, the man wants to see in the bed another woman, and woman wants two men. Sometimes couples abandon this experiment due to unreasonable choices their partners make for the swing night. Such experiments can leave you unsatisfied in the process not being able to fully relax. Swingers on the other hand have no problems with this erotic measure.sexswings


Do not rely on the experience and opinion of other people who are swingers. Their experience can be positive or negative. It does not mean that you will have same thing in your experience. You are on the road of the risk of disappointment in the form of pleasure. If you want to understand what it’s like? Try to go at one of closed swingers clubs Winnipeg.


The best partners in this type of sex are those people that you will never see or see only if you want to repeat the experience. However, keep in mind the protection against sexually transmitted diseases. Do not engage in sex when you are drunk, although you can afford a glass of wine to relax little bit.

Respect of partners

All that happens in the bed should be by mutual consent by all partners, especially by those pairs who organized this. Do not deprive anyone attention. If done correctly, these experiments will considerably strengthen the relationship between the pair. But do not resort to such experiments too often, because if you really cherish each other, then the sex should bring you pleasure.

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