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You start living together. Easy?

You start living together. Easy? - Photo2

Walking in the moonlight, kissing, hugging and promises – you’re in love. But once waking up one morning, you realize that this is not enough. You want something more serious. And you decide: “Let us live together!” At first glance, the idea seems simple and romantic, but then many questions and different thoughts arise: “Are we going to be happy?”, “What will change in our relationship?”. Remember that this is a serious step that requires a greater responsibility.

What must be taken into account, starting to live together with your soul-mate? When you were just dating, he was perfect, but it later became clear that he was not on friendly terms with the vacuum cleaner, hates washing up and, in addition, he also needs to be fed regularly. What to do? First of all, you need to agree on who is responsible for what. For example, you cook and do the washing up, and your man – takes out the garbage and does cleaning. By the way, walks together to the store can spiritually unite. And most importantly – if you are not satisfied with something in his behavior, there is no need to be nervous, calmly explain what you do not like and why.

You start living together. Easy? - Photo1Of course, it is not very interesting to talk about the accounts for accommodation and food, when you are in love and just started to live with the guy, but it is better to negotiate in order to escape the conflict. Ideal variant is divide in half. You can also keep a budget. But if you have a really strong union, it’s all very simple: everyone throws in a “family pot” as much as it is possible, then this amount is spent on general or individual needs. This has another advantage: this way, a sense of confidence is developed as well as a sense of responsibility for the family.

You have always had friends, and you thought that they will disappear with the beginning of family life, and his whole life will belong only to you. But it turned out that your man’s friends invite to him the party almost every Saturday, then he runs to drink a beer and suddenly needs to speak “from the heart”. And it never ends! What to do? You can just make friends with them, so that they have the desire to take you with them. The main thing is not to make a big mistake, in any case you can not demand that all those people from his bachelor life should forget the way to your home! First and foremost, you need to accept the fact that he had his own personal life before he met you.

Do not forget: you have to hide somewhere far away your curlers, old sweat pants, very convenient to you. Your home clothes should be nice and tasteful. Nobody asks you to put on sexy clothes every evening, just be neat and petted!

And if you decided to live with your guy, then be sure you made the right decision and it depends largely on your future together.

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