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What man can make a woman happy

What man can make a woman happy - photo2

Let’s talk about what kind of men can make a woman happy. Let’s consider five main types of men, and choose the best option.

Women’s happiness – a man able to keep a family

Levels of provision, of course, are very different. Some women are quite happy to have a holiday in the village, others can not imagine themselves without Maldives, etc. So, we will not specify the amount, in order not to embarrass tax office workers, we will use an expression: “Full responsibility for the financial well-being of the family is voluntarily taken by a man. Woman’s salary, if if she has it, is spent as she likes”.

Think and tell me in the comments to the article, whether you are ready to call such a man the best option. Or do you prefer the other guys?

Strong masculine nature – foundation for woman’s happiness

What man can make a woman happy - photo3The salary of such a man may be less than that of a woman. But he is the head of the family, he has the right to take all crucial decisions for the family.

Life with such a man can be described by the expression “as safely as behind a stone wall” and the money he earns does not have the principle meaning. True, these men almost never let their salaries be small.

Women’s happiness is possible only in love

There is a type of men, that can be characterized by a single word: “lovers”. The word is not limited to the sexual abilities. Such men have the ability to love a woman in the woman. He loves a woman, not a military girlfriend, not a mother of his children, not a babysitter, who always knows where to look for his socks.

What man can make a woman happy - photo1These are the heroes of Wisniewski’s books: a little effeminate, almost always – a little sad, often – seriously wounded by love, able to talk with a woman all night without touching her for sexual purposes. Having such a man close to you, you do not want to wear pants, and it is much easier to quit smoking.

He has all the features of this definition: a little light-headed, often – spoiled, often – selfish. But able to recognize a woman the head: in life, sex. If necessary, he can make a decision in the distribution of household responsibilities. This type of a man, by the way, is becoming more common. More and more women, consciously or unconsciously, are looking for just such a guy.

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