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Wedding in the rain

Wedding in the rain - photo3

Of course, the best option is to consider the possibility of rain and, if possible, to take all necessary measures to provide the maximum comfort on the wedding day.

One thing I know for sure: nothing must spoil your mood on the wedding day. This is important. I suggest doing your best to avoid problems. Everything that is not in your power – take philosophically. And do not forget that long rain on your wedding day is considered a good sign, foreshadowing a happy and prosperous family life.

Now, I’ll tell you about some details and secrets that will help you to prevent unpleasant moments and bring some spice to rainy wedding day.

Wedding in the rain - photo1First, you should check the weather forecast in advance so that an unexpected downpour did not catch you by surprise. The maximum term of the weather forecast – is 2 weeks. If you know about rain in advance – mind this information preparing for the wedding, especially if it will be held in the open air. It is impossible to change the place of celebration 2 weeks before the wedding, so it is necessary to have the option “B”, you need a shed. If you’ve always dreamed of a wedding or a wedding ceremony in the open air – get tents and canopies, umbrellas and appliances to heat the area. Wedding celebration under the tent – is a separate story. I can only say that the tent can be very unusual and beautifully decorated, you can implement the boldest ideas in the design and decor without reference to the given parameters and the color scheme of a room.

When planning a wedding photo shoot, in case of rain, I recommend to provide alternative route – a perfect option is hotel rooms and theaters, exhibition centers and libraries. You can also make great shots in the interior of city cafes and restaurants.

In any case, you’d better have a sufficient number of reliable umbrellas on a rainy day. I advise to pay special attention to the selection of umbrellas, as an umbrella can be an unusual accessory for a photo shoot. There are many implemented ideas with umbrellas, and it is a vast field for creativity. Why not to pick up the color of the wedding umbrellas or just choose umbrellas of bright variegated colors? This way, you can paint a gloomy weather with bright colors, as well as get unusual beautiful photos. By the way, clouds and rain are not a problem for a professional photographer, but on the contrary – the photos turn out to be very touching and unique. How Wedding in the rain - photo2beautiful are the pictures on the background of large drops of rain, stormy sky or a rainbow!?

Planning and organizing a wedding is a time-consuming process that requires a lot of attention to all possible details, bold solutions. And if you’re ready for the rainy weather on the wedding day, then rain will not spoil in any way, but on the contrary – will give you a special emotional mood.

One more thing, if it is in your powers and abilities – cancel the rain and order good weather – shoot the clouds!

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