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Sex Dreams: What do they mean?

Sex Dreams: What do they mean? - Photo3

Sex Dreams specialists can not come to an agreement: whether we are summing up day’s experience in our dreams, trying to bring some color to our dull reality, or, we glance into our subconscious and reveal the problems well concealed from ourselves, having sexual dreams?

Here’s an explanation of sex dreams given by a sex therapist Tracey Cox.

Dreams about sex with a celebrity. Who of us has not had an erotic dream with Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt or some other celebrity? Can you admit that you have never had a dream with any entirely undressed celebrity? Tell this your grandmother, let her rejoice … Take into account the following: if you have a dream about sex with a celebrity, you have a vice as old as the world – a tendency for exhibitionism. You crave glamor and are waiting for a moment of glory at some noisy party.

Sex Dreams: What do they mean? - Photo2What to do if you have a dream about sex? Find your best dress (a dress, not jeans!) and go to the place where there is a lot of music, noise and guys that look like at least like a celebrity.

Dream about sex, you have a penis. There are rumors that every other woman would not refuse to have a penis for a week or two. So what? This is probably so cool – to think not only the head, but something else. A guaranteed orgasm – cool! Still, a dream about sex, when you have a penis, means something else. Specifically, you are seeking to prove that you are somebody. Penis is a symbol of your success, which, believe me, is very close. (We mean success. What did you think of?)

Dream about sex with enemy or foe – relax, this dream does not foretell anything wrong. This dream means that in real life, you’re still looking for a perfect lover. A man who is close to you, alas, does not satisfy you.

Sex Dreams: What do they mean? - Photo1Dream about sex with a stranger: it’s time to organize the revision of your lurking sexual desires. You had to drive some of your sexual desires into the far corner of subconsciousness.

Think, it may be wise to beat the event and free your passion? That is, offer your boyfriend to realize your secret desires that you had in your dream about sex?

There are dozens of interpretations of dreams about sex, so many people, so many variants, so many dreams. Remember the main thing: having had a dream about sex, do not suspect yourself in debauchery and do not understand a dream literally. That is, when you see a dream about having sex with your boss, do not be afraid of unexpected call to his office. Chef does not know anything about your dream …

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