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Office romance: everyone faces it

Office romance: everyone faces it - photo1

Office Romance is resonant, it is discussed in the smoking room, it’s a cause for envy and revenge from other colleagues, it is vehemently hated by bosses.

At the moment – it is a widely studied phenomenon of corporate life. Moreover, fines, reprimands and bans on office romances do not work. They become a headache of management for the simple reason that the employees’ relationships have bad effect on labor productivity.

Whatever the job may be, but it is, above all, responsibility. Whether you like it or not, but then it affects the relationship. And the sign of equality between “work” and “soul mate” is getting evident.

Office romance: everyone faces it - photo2A natural desire of a person in love is to see the object of love as often as possible. But, in case of office romance a rejection instinct comes into effect as frequent meetings at work are set by the rules of the company. We intuitively resist what we are forced to do. A relationship breakdown comes.

At the time of the beginning of relations, people have a sense of unknown. Here comes the questions – whether I see him/her today or not. In the workplace, these questions do not arise. Work schedule is the same for everyone. Thus, the meeting of two lovers at work are 100% guaranteed. By the way, these daily meetings, no matter how bright they are, leave traces of fatigue. After all, no one wants to eat only sweets. Eventually, a moment will come when you want something salty.

Office romance: everyone faces it - photo3Competition. State in which it is difficult to maintain an adequate attitude to a person. And if one of lovers has been promoted, the other one is difficult and sometimes impossible, to maintain a fair relationship to the object of love. Such unions are doomed to failure.

Do not forget about wagging tongues. So, before you plunge headlong into office romance, consider this: “Do you really need it?”. I understand that the explosion of hormones is a serious matter, but the mind has not been canceled.

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