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Meeting with his parents

Meeting with his parents - photo1

So, let’s forget about all the unnecessary fears and anxiety and finally meet with parents. But first, let’s think, why you need this meeting?

If you are asked about it, so it is very important for him, and, indeed, your relationship went up to another level, the level of trust, you became closer to him. If his parents like you, you can be sure that you stood up even greater in his eyes. It is quite possible that it comes to the wedding.

Another important fact is that your relationship will have less obstacles, if the parents are on your side. This will help you to avoid a lot of conflicts and normalize relations with your man in the event of a possible fight.

It’s time to prepare for the event. And here comes the eternal female problem – “what to wear“?

Be prepared for the fact that you will be in the spotlight. So you should look decent. The most sensible option is to wear something the most comfortable, well, without daring experiments – too bright makeup or very short skirt in the wardrobe.

Meeting with his parents - photo2A key indicator when meeting with parents is your way of communication.

Parents are different, either happy homebodies, or real “pain in the ass“. In both cases, of course, you should behave in the natural way. But in the moments when the nerves are shorting out, it is really hard. To kill the silence, we begin to tell silly jokes and long uninteresting stories from our life life. We, unwittingly, begin to talk nonsense. Don’t be a silent type, but also it’s not worth getting involved in long monologues.

Be ready for diverse inquiries. There will be an examination of details of your life: work, school, hobbies, your parents and their lives. If you have been dating with a young man for a long time, and your age is enough “adult”, then they will not miss the chance to ask a question about the plans for the wedding.

You must be ready for everything, remain calm, breathe, smile. Even if you feel that you are attacked, do not excuse or talk incoherently, trying to defend yourself – a light joke will help you!

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