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Main features of old-fashioned women

Main features of old-fashioned women photo2

Nowadays, all consider themselves fashionable, stylish, advanced, modern. You can pick up a lot of synonyms, but is it really so? What are your views on life? Are you ready to look at life differently? Are you just reading about how to become a strong and successful woman, or you really are the strongest and most successful woman? Read about the morals of many old-fashioned ladies.

  1. I believe that a man must give me a place in the transport, even if I’m not pregnant, and without a huge package. Yes, he must open the door for me and offer me a hand when I get off the bus. I am a woman, so – I’m weaker.
  2. I believe that a man must pay for me in a restaurant or at the movies – and I should not even wonder, who is paying.
  3. I think that a man must take care of me – asking if I put a warm scarf and whether I had a lunch.
  4. Main features of old-fashioned women photo1If I am dating a man – I see him as my future husband and the father of our children. Yes, he must propose, if our relationship is really serious, and introduce me to his parents, a dog and best friend.
  5. I think that cooking, laundry, the cleaning up are my historical duty, and I think this is true female happiness – to take care of your man.
  6. I believe that a man must be rough, bold and strong. So that I could be gentle, weak coward, who is so nice to take care of. And even if I am strong, I must be weak.
  7. I do not go to sleep till he comes from work, fishing or football. I’ll be waiting by the window with a warm dinner.
  8. I want to look great for him, that he appreciated me and thought, how beautiful I am, so I’ll spend all my efforts to please him.
  9. I want to be only his woman. Even if he is sent away and called an enemy of the people.

It’s funny, right? Perhaps it is time to get rid of stereotypes that have long been obsolete.

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