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How to meet on the beach

How to meet on the beach - photo1

Summer, sun, beach” – “romantic adventure” suggests itself. Almost no clothes, complexes are left in a stifling city. Beach acquaintance can, at least, lead to a beach affair, and, at most, to change your life. Therefore, if a question arises whether it is worth meeting on the beach, the answer is – sure, it is worth!

Another question is how to start a beach affair. You can, of course, breathe at him looking down and wait for your favorite knight to come up, but it can last forever. So we are for a healthy initiative!

Hi, Let’s get acquainted, my name is …

Bear in mind that not all men perceive favorably their own dating methods, coming from a girl. Therefore, reaction may be very different, some guys might even just run away. But those who remain are open and ready for honest relations, who do not used to think up what is missing.

Hi, you have a cool tan / good figure” – and then, as an option: “Can I take a picture with you?

How to meet on the beach - photo2This treatment flatters and seduces simultaneously. He will like that attention, but he will imagine himself a cool guy in your eyes immediately and can begin to act accordingly. Therefore, after the first sentence, try to “bring him down” from heaven to earth, and show that you are not interested very much.

Excuse me, can you help me to find … (earring, lens ring, hairpin), I’ve lost it somewhere in the sand?

This is a great way, the man immediately feels his own strength and desire to take care of an absent-minded beauty. It will not be difficult to get acquainted during the search, especially if you do not (of course!) find it and you will be terribly disappointed. Of course, he wants you to calm and buy, for example, an ice cream.

During the meeting on the beach it is very important to remember the “3 seconds rule”. It is simple: the longer you think and scroll through the options in your head, the more likely the idea will fail. Think no more than 3 seconds, start with a simple “Hello”, and then improvise, use your fantasy!

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