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How to choose toastmaster

How to choose toastmaster - photo1

A toastmaster is at least half of success of a good party. He brings everyone in good spirits and can entertain even the most boring people.

It would seem, that to choose a toastmaster is quite simple – the Internet has hundreds of suggestions. In fact, it’s not that easy. Thus, before you decide, be sure to ask all the questions you are interested in and put him to the test.

How to choose toastmaster – search

You can find a toastmaster:

  • From friends
  • Directly using the Google-search

How to choose toastmaster – first steps

First you need to decide: whether it will be a man or a woman and the age of a toastmaster. Define the budget. Base on these factors.

How to choose toastmaster – meeting

Call the toastmasters, specify pricing and services and make an appointment.
Be sure to raise the questions and concerns, and do not be shy to say even the most stupid things.


You should specify the toastmaster’s working hours. After all, it will not be good, if he has a fixed time, and he will leave in the middle of the height of the holiday, and you are going to celebrate till the dawn. If the toastmaster is really limited in the time frame, ask him whether it is possible to extend his working time for extra-fee.


Find out whether you will have to look for musicians, or the toastmaster is working with some bands. If yes – ask him to listen to the CDs. You should ask him over the phone as well as to ask him to took CDs with him.

How to choose toastmaster - photo2Entertainment

Discuss the main competitions with him, which are the part of the holiday program, how many entertainment events will be held, in general, the basis of the script.


Discuss the financial issue – whether you will have to pay for the road to the place of event, as well as the payment and currency.

How to choose toastmaster – peculiarities of a good toastmaster

A good toastmaster is easy to recognize, because he:

  • Comes up with an individual program for the evening
  • Offers original contests
  • Collaborates with great musicians
  • Talks beautifully and he is not intrusive
  • Has a video

We are sure, these tips will help you to choose the most classy toastmaster that will make your holiday unforgettable!

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