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How to become a good lover

How to become a good lover - photo2

Before we identify the key qualities of a good lover, let’s define the very meaning of the word – “lover”. The root of the word – is “love,” and it means that a good lover – is not just sex, but something more. “Still love – is not just boobs” – half-sad, half-dreamily said the hero of the film “In the Sea” – “The main thing – is that it was a good person. And then, of course, boobs”.

Let’s stick to this formula. First – about good things, from the men’s point of view, about a person, and then – about sex. OK?

The first quality of a good lover is the ability to listen and to praise the man. Girls should learn this at school first of all! First – let’s talk about how to praise a man, so that your personal life was in perfect order, and then – Fermat’s theorem and other intricacies. Well, please tell us, who needs the knowledge of the forces pressing on the bridge when a cool machine is crossing it if you don’t drive that car, but a very ordinary in appearance, but extremely happy girl? But closer to the subject.

How to become a good lover - photo1A good lover knows that to anyone, absolutely anyone men it is very important to be the first, regardless of skin color, eyes, education and other individual characteristics. At least in the eyes of the one and only beloved woman. This rule should be remembered as the “Lord’s Prayer”. If a man is with you, then that means you love him – right? And if you love him, it is easy to find a reason to praise him, isn’t it?

And if you think you have nothing to praise the man for – why are you dating him?

The second quality of a good lover is the ability to be indispensable, but not annoying. Men are very sensitive to the feeling of their personal space, they say: “You want to keep a man on a short leash? Give up the leash!”. Do not control your man, do not bind him to you with oaths and promises.

He must feel he is absolutely free. And then he never leaves you for the simple reason that he is happy. By the way, a free man – is a man courting a woman. A period of courtship is so pleasant, that you want it to last forever.

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