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His drink to describe him

His drink to describe him


If your partner is a lover of beer, you have to be prepared for the fact that if he happens to choose between a romantic evening with you, and a crowded party at some bar, he will not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter. Beer lovers are calm people, supporters of traditional values. They love the warmth and caring.

Where can you find such a guy? Well, there are hundreds of pubs now in all cities.

Rules of drinking his favorite drink. Certainly not from the bottle. Going on a picnic with him, it is better to take a half-liter mug. And you need to take all sorts of crackers, sausages and fish.


If your friend mixes cocktails all evening, he likes to show off. Such an action shows that a person is moody and featherbrained. Do not believe me? Think of Bond and his eternal martini with vodka. Was he ever seen in the company of the same girlfriend in two films in a row?

Where can you find such a guy? It’s either a nightclub or disco, or first there, and then there.

Rules of drinking his favorite drink. Depends, in fact, on the constituent elements of the drink. One thing is for sure, do not try to drink a cocktail in one gulp in his presence. It is best to sip your drink, and always lazy and slow.

His drink to describe himLiquor (gin, rum, tequila)

Your man does not love vodka, no. He likes gin, rum, whiskey and tequila, without other unwanted ingredients. What can I say? He wants to look manly. Most likely, this fellow is too dependent on other people’s opinions. He has a special sense of humor. This guy loves to laugh … at his own jokes. He can get offended because of your jokes. No problem! This man will give all kinds of gifts. What is particularly nice, original gifts.

Where can you find such a guy? Boldly go to expensive bars and restaurants. There, you will certainly find him.

Rules of drinking his favorite drink. As you probably know, there are special rules for drinking whiskey and tequila. An expensive and beautiful entourage is required.

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