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Faithfulness according to Zodiac sign

Faithfulness according to Zodiac sign - photo2


If the leash is long enough, Aries can not resist the temptation. Sometimes he is cheating only to be able to boast. But if you are cheating on him, Aries is capable of the most sophisticated and brutal revenge.


Taurus – is not a player by nature. He desperately needs a reliable partner.


They do not know how to lie and conceal affair. Unfortunately, they are cheating on you more often with someone well familiar to you.


If the relationship with a partner is unhappy, Cancer begins to seek consolation elsewhere. If the cancer is cheating, try not to get involved. Place the blame on the person who told you about it, and forgive the cheater.


Leo is too proud to cheat. Is it possible that Leo made a mistake in choosing a partner? There must be a really serious problem for Leo to cheat.


Small affairs are quite normal for them, but they rarely develop into real love. In addition, Virgo hates to expose to risk the reputation and remains faithful at least for that reason.

Faithfulness according to Zodiac sign - photo1Libra

These romantic, charming people are very amorous, but in any case, they always return. If they are married, their obligations to the partner are very serious. Divorce is unthinkable for Libra.


They are very serious about love and marriage. Scorpio never cheats – except that if he does not love his partner.


Sagittarians resist the temptation quite easy in comparison to other Zodiac signs. If they have a possibility to cheat, Sagittarius always takes advantage of it. He just can not resist it, and the partner should consider it.


If Capricorn is not in love, he is not that faithful. Imagine that there is an opened box of chocolate in front of you and you were asked to choose only one candy. But if Capricorn can expect faithfulness, he will be absolutely loyal to the partner.


Aquarians are very independent, they do not like to be told how to behave. Their unpredictability make the question of faithfulness quite problematic. Bear it in mind.


Pisces hate unfaithfulness in others. If you cheated on them, do not even dream to save the relationship. If Pisces get to know about it, your life will become a living hell. On the other hand, it is hard for them to resist the temptation.

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