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Choosing a wedding bouquet

Choosing a wedding bouquet - photo1

Bouquet is a small but very important touch in the image of the bride. This accessory can improve and spoil your appearance. Therefore the choice of a right bouquet is very important.

When choosing a bouquet, experts recommend to take into account the bride’s and groom’s clothes:

  • If you have a bright red dress a la Marie Stuart, your bouquet should be bright as well.
  • A bouquet with 3-4 main colors is very harmonious, 6-8 – too colorful, even kitsch. But if you have a non-traditional (burgundy or purple) dress, this bouquet will look very impressive.
  • Usually, yellow flowers are not used for bride’s bouquets. If you’re wearing a linen costume on your wedding day, a folk style bouquet with a splash of yellow wildflowers is very appropriate.
  • Choosing a wedding bouquet - photo3A simple bouquet of camellias, gardenias with shiny dark green leaves looks great with satin, brocade or other shiny dress.
  • The dress of transparent tulle, organza or other aerial fabric looks ideal with lightweight fancy bouquet of carnations, chrysanthemums, and small roses.
  • Opinion, that only expensive flowers look great with an expensive brocade or satin dress, is wrong. If the texture of the fabric and the color goes well with the flower, you can even use sweet peas.
  • A bouquet with the elements of dress fabric looks stylish
  • A bouquet consisting of only white flowers does not go very well with a white dress, everything will merge into one spot in the pictures.

When choosing a bouquet, you can use the classic approach:

  • Bouquets of flower buds for young brides, and blossoming flowers – for older ones.
  • For tiny ladies – small bouquets of delicate flowers. For high – big flowers, in the form of a cascade. If the dress is short, then the bouquet should be small, like a boutonnière.
  • For brunettes – bouquets of all colors. Red hair – all colors from yellow to orange and brown.
  • Brides with a light complexion – bouquets of soft gentle colors, dark-complexioned – juicier
  • The brightest color in the bouquet must match the lipstick and nails

Choosing a wedding bouquet - photo2For fans of unconventional approach, we have the option to choose a bouquet according to the sign of the zodiac:

Fire element – gladioli, peonies, white or red roses, poppies, carnations or daffodils, of scarlet, crimson, orange and white colors. Better use decorative wire, rhinestones, ribbons, and sometimes beads.

Air element – white lilac, orchid, pink roses, violets, forget-me-lilies, lotus.

Water element – light as possible, white flowers. This is a large, white calla lilies, colorful peonies, white carnations, chrysanthemums and terry lilac.

Earth element – asters, daisies, red poppies, roses of light colors, white and yellow tulips, pink carnations and white chrysanthemums.

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