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Can you find love online?

Can you find love online?

I have to say – it is possible and even necessary! Especially for those who are not self-confident in real life. Many of my friends fell in love online, dated and even married! They didn’t divorce, by the way.

Previously it was possible to meet someone only in chats, rich in all sorts of freaks, nowadays there are social networks where you can not only meet old friends, but also to make new and promising ones.

The main advantages of online dating:

  • No boundaries, distances. You and your buddy can be divided by only, perhaps, time zones – it will only affect your online status. Also, if you know a foreign language, there is a chance to meet your soul mate in another country. Direct online communication in this case is doubly convenient.
  • Advantage for workers, the bosses are usually against of romantic relationships at work. In addition, not all of your colleagues are free, and not all are interesting. What to do if you have no friends? No time to look for new friends?
  • Time saving: Internet – is real-time communication. You do not have to wait when the person gets to the place of your meeting every time you want to talk to him.
  • Advantage for a single-parent: It is possible to get to know the person, before presenting the person to your children.

The main disadvantage is only one – the risk of being deceived.

So, you do decide to date online with the prospect. How to behave? Quite simply, if you observe a number of communication rules:

  •  Can you find love online?speak honestly and do not exaggerate!
  •  choose the right photo – beautiful, but not provocative, best – with a smile
  •  start a dialogue with common interests
  •  tell about yourself gradually
  •  do not rush things!
  •  communicate easy and do not worry if it did not work the first time!

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