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5 ways to meet a guy in the summer

5 ways to meet a guy in the summer - photo2

Summer is purely women’s time. With the arrival of sunny days we enter into full possession of the men’s world. We put on flying sun-dresses, sandals, high heels, our bodies become golden, hair streaming in the wind. A woman in the summer – is a positive sexual energy.

At the wedding

Summer is a time of weddings. And do not give up if you are invited by any friend, even if you saw her at the prom for the last time. You must go to a wedding – to see and be seen, and, of course, meet the guy. The atmosphere at the wedding is exciting, single men are visible at once, and you are beautiful in the evening dress. What else is needed for a successful date?

Two persons in a boat

Imagine that you are on the lake and you urgently need to cross to the other side. Maybe in real life, you just took the oars and rowed, but not in case if there is a handsome man nearby. Make up anything, tell a pack of lies, but ask him to take you to the other side. These ten minutes in the same boat can change your life greatly … or at least your plans for the evening.

Do you have a lighter?

5 ways to meet a guy in the summer - photo1Ask a handsome young man light a cigarette at a party – it’s the easiest way to get acquainted. Men see it as a sign of your sympathy, so they become more confident and take more initiative. If you do not smoke, ask what time it is now or how to get to the library, but what difference what to ask, the main thing – smile!

7 seconds Method

It is proved that if you look into person’s eyes for 7 seconds – contact occurs. Even if it is a person you do not know, if he was not going to meet and generally not in the mood, even after you looked away, staring at the ceiling or flirting with others – the contact will still takes place. Check – it’s not scary!

At football match

That is really the best place to get acquainted with a man? Better in the pub, but while watching a football match. Bar, cold beer and a lovely girl who is a fan of “his” team – he just can not stand!

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