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Your man a gambler?

Your man a gambler?

What is ludomania?

Professional psychologists call a syndrome of gambling obsession “ludomania”. This painful addiction for the game and obsession.


The main symptom is a loss of a sense of proportion and time during the game, the need to play more often, inability to stop.


– Weakened ability of the nervous system to self-recover;

– The feeling of constant pressure from the others;

– Unconscious desire for power, desire to try fortune, or change it.

Gambler’s characteristics

– High intelligence, great energy in a narrow range of interests, workaholism, adventurism, perfectionism, over-critical to family and friends and at the same time, they have a tendency to avoid serious conflicts with misrepresentation and falsehood;

– A thirst for thrills, strong need to be appreciated, rebelliousness, superstition, creativity, but inability to realize their ideas, good organizational skills, the fetishization of money that is dually perceived as a source of problems, and at the same time – as a way to solve them.

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