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What to do if he doesn’t propose?

What To Do If He Doesn't Propose?

To a greater or lesser extent, but every woman’s dream – is to get married. And it is fine to dream of a fairy-tale prince who you meet on your way, but when you met him, when he wakes up every day with you but he is not in a hurry to make your dream come true – it is a problem.

Men admit that they do not dream to get married since birth by nature, and, moreover, they consider marriage a kind of sacrifice. We dream of marriage, they consider it a victim. We are so different.

But what to do if there’s one the most loving and beloved man by your side, but he does not propose? What to do?

1. Accept it and wait.

It’s not the most active way to solve the problem, but still. As they say that the stamp in the passport has never decided anything yet. And, apparently, does it matter whether you are an official spouse or your family is not legalized? You want to be with him. Perhaps he really needs more time. If you’re ready to give him this time, be patient.

2. Think carefully.

What To Do If He Doesn't Propose?Do you really want him to become your husband? Is he the person with whom you are willing to go through the life without looking back and looking around? If you are still confident that he is the one, then squeeze him. Try to win marriage by all means, but remember that the forced marriage does not bring happiness. No single man wants to marry under pressure.

3. Puzzle him.

If you have long declared straight that you want to marry him, but he does not hurry up, try to be more tricky. Well, make him think you changed your mind. You wanted it but you reconsidered. Tell him, “You know, dear, I wanted to marry you so long, and now I realized that I do not want really wanted it”. This should stun him. What does it mean, you do not want? You have to! If you are dear to him, and he will believe in his “unwillingness”, then maybe he would like to marry you.

4. Stop fooling yourself.

If you have already talked with him and, and puzzled him, and left him and returned, and waited, and he still does not want to marry you, saying that “we need to wait a little bit”, then maybe it’s time to admit that he does not want and will not marry you. Stop believing in that “wait a little bit“. This is the most common man made trap. Such a “little bit” tends to last for several years, during which you will be totally suspended. And it’s not fair. Maybe you should look for someone who will be more decisive here and now?

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