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Virtual Love

Virtual Love

Our time – is a time of high speed, hustle and competition. Where to find time for personal life! What to do? Virtual love will help.

What does your routine day look like? Breakfast – traffic jam – office – traffic jam and no single minute of free time? You have no time for dating and meeting potential husband candidates.

What do you do in the evenings and at weekends? Probably you serf the Internet. Right? So why not to do something useful: you can make your dream come true – to meet a soul-mate? Virtual dating is very popular these days, and virtual love feelings are the same as off-line ones.

How to make it come true? You need to register on dating service and start looking for a potential partner for virtual communication.

Virtual dating has many advantages. You can call yourself Air Regina, a metropolitan designer. And in fact, you are just Elena Petrova, a teacher in a school of Tambov. On the Internet, a a fat girl can be a thin one, short – high, poor – rich. But do not go too far! Virtual communication sometimes turns into real, and then all the cheats are easily unveiled! It can also happen online: Imagine, if you told you were a successful photographer and did not know what was the difference between the focus and the exposure. So, don’t tell too many lies.

Disadvantages: your virtual partner can also write something unreal about himself. For example, he can say that he owns a large company engaged in the production of something useful and important, and place an avatar of a blue-eyed businessman in an expensive jacket? And who can guarantee that he is not a 60-year-old yardman uncle Vasya? Maybe he is a disabled person spending his time chatting with girls? Or, he is not a man, but a female student of psychological faculty, collecting material for a term paper on virtual communication.

Virtual LoveVirtual wedding

Chatting develops into infatuation, infatuation – in love, and then comes the wedding … But the wedding, of course, is also virtual. Wedding on the Internet takes place in a special virtual Wedding Palace. There is no need to wait a month after the application, simply fill in the questionnaire and in five minutes you are husband and wife! Convenient, isn’t it? How does it all work? The bride and the groom are sent a link to the post, after following the link a wedding ceremony begins. Virtual priest asks usual questions. You answer “yes” and get a virtual marriage certificate. By the way, you can invite virtual guests to the wedding. Groom can give you virtual flowers and a virtual cake, the guests – virtual gifts.

And if you want to get a divorce – it’s not a problem either. It’s as easy to get as a marriage. And then you can start looking for the next virtual husband …

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