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Red lipstick makes men spend money

Red lipstick

Red lipstick, as it turned out, affects men surprisingly. The experiment showed that a representative of stronger sex is ready to shell out to please the lady with red lips.

Nicolas Gueguen and Celine Jacob from South Brittany University decided to test the reaction of men to the red lipstick in three French restaurants of Vannes. Waitresses were asked to wear lipstick – red, pink, brown, or wear no lipstick at all.

Red lipstickIn total, all the waitresses had to serve 447 visitors. Researchers were interested in the amount of tips.

As expected, the appearance of the waitresses and the color of their lips had no impact on women. But that can’t be said about men. For example, girls wearing red lipstick received more tips than other waitresses.

Psychologists explained that men associate the red color of the lips with sexual arousal and health. Such a woman can cause a man’s desire to spend more money on her.

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