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Quarrels: your tactics

Quarrels: your tactics - photo1

Very correct science – to quickly deal with misunderstandings, tell each other the right words, and have sex as if nothing happened.

Why do you nearly had a fight?


Tell her, “Let’s take a walk“.

Why does this work? You can leave most of these relatives alone and walk together, or just sit on a bench near the house – it’s a great idea. This seemingly banal situation will remind her (and you) that after the most important to you – is you two and your relationship. Relatives take the second place.

Quarrels: your tactics - photo3B. BECAUSE OF NOTHING

Tell her, “I think you’re upset not because of (some nonsense), but because of something else, aren’t you?

Why does this work? If you think it goes too far and she takes to heart little things, do not try to persuade her of this – you will make things worse. It is better to gently find out, why she is actually angry, and when you find out – put her at ease, offering some clear plan for solving the problem.

Quarrels: your tactics - photo2C. GOD KNOWS WHY

Tell her: “OK, well. What should I do now for you not to worry?

Why does this work? Sometimes she needs to let off a bit of steam. Nothing in particular is annoying her. If you do not get mad at the fact that she is angry at nothing, and direct your creative energy to solve any (mythical) problems, the lady will calm down. And this is what you need.

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