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Open Relationship: Pros and Cons

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Recently, there is a tendency to have a partner in the so-called open relationship. This is such a relationship when a man and woman meet from time to time, there is an intimate relationship between them , but they do not live together. In addition, the bed is basically the only and the most important element for such a couple, often they do not have material or moral obligations to each other.

Why is the number of such alliances growing every year? Is it a decline of morality in the society or an appeal to modern trends? The thing is that, oddly enough, often these relationships are initiated by women – in 80% of cases. Most modern ladies are intended to build a career, independence and full exclusion from such household trifles, like washing socks and cooking. They do not want to depend on men neither morally nor financially, and they find it convenient to have such a relationship – to have a regular sex partner. After all, even a strong woman needs affection, sex, intercourse with a man. Many women prefer such a relationship, because this way they get enough male attention, while not bothering with daily routine, commitments and quarrels.

Open Relationship - photo3As for the men, such relationship is often interesting for:
–  Married men, having a romantic and sexual relationship with mistresses;
–  Men-boys who do not grow up with age, just getting older;
–  Such relations are possible between the former partners who broke up, but wish to remain in intimate relationships.

Advantages and disadvantages of open relationship


•  There is a regular sexual partner;
•  Lack of moral and material obligations;
•  No domestic problems and complaints;
•  Rare dates ignite passion;
•  There are almost no reasons for quarrels, so most often this relationship is more harmonious than the relationship of those who are married or living together.


•  First, none of the partners has a guarantee that his so-called soul-mate has similar open relationship with someone else;
•  Second, it is possible that a partner agreed to such relationship, due to the fact that his/her partner is experiencing feelings of love, and someone in that relationship can morally exhaust him/herself at the time, when his/her partner is quite happy.
•  Most of these relationships are short, because subconsciously, and a man and a woman create a union for procreation, natural instincts take over and the union falls under the influence of the revaluation of life values.

Open Relationship - photo1Naturally, there is a special attractiveness and romance in the open relationship. Some relationships of this kind last longer than law marriages, and in rare cases they can even end with march of Mendelssohn. However, if we consider moral and religious aspect of the question, we can not call such a relationship more than a partnership in which both people are simply trying to get away from obligations.

Still, the number of such couples is growing every year, it means that modern men and women organize relations not burdened by the concepts of “must”, household responsibilities and mutual claims. It’s each of us who decides whether to prefer an open relationship, which sometimes bring more joy in life, or to have a family.

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