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Men, attract attention of dream-girl

Men, attract attention of dream-girl

Men pay attention to the hidden signs from women only when they reach the age of fifty. Those men who are younger, prefer not to notice them.

Follow carefully the behavior of a girl that you like. If you noticed that she often straightens her hair, licks his lips, twirls a strand of hair between her fingers, or plays with a small object, then you can easily conquer her heart.

If all that did not happen, then you should try to make her get interested in you. Try to follow her movements, as well, her facial expressions. Expressions should always be friendly and open.

FlirtAlways pay attention to a woman’s mood, try to be “on the same wave” with her. After all, you will be in an awkward situation if you start telling her lewd jokes when she’s angry or complaining of her bad life.

You should never be intrusive and soon you will mail wedding invitation. After all, too many compliments or touches can antagonize her. For example, you should not immediately stroke her face, neck or hair. As all these gestures are more intimate and soulful.