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If she is forty

She is forty

These women know what they want and are not afraid to ask for it. Maybe because they are already experienced in family life, and maybe they are successful and confident, they do not need to make their lives more comfortable. Our survey showed that women aged 40 to 49 may be demanding, but it has a positive side: more adventures in bed.


Women aged 40 to 49 are more decisive – in relationships, career, how they have a good time. It’s because of hormones. After 40 years, the level of estrogen and testosterone  is reduced more quickly, but testosterone does not drop as fast as estrogen. So, she becomes almost a man in a skirt – more straight, single-minded, firm in her decisions, perhaps more daring and independent. And, by the way – she does not invite her friend to have a drink in the bar, but she still needs someone to share her enthusiasm. So you will have a tricky job.


Women in the age category “40-49” like sex. As you have read above, every second woman is ready for sex right on the first date. In addition, they reach orgasm almost every time. They’ve already been deprived of concerns about procreation, so, they can make sex easily and do it oftener.
N.I., 43 years old: “I became more confident when explaining what I want, and I offer new features that we can try together”.


Women of all age groups have told us that they want to get more oral sex from their partners. 40-year-old women also added how we should do it. “Use not only your tongue but also your fingers” – recommends R.V., 41 years old.
40-year-old Yu.S. asks “Be gentle”. “Bite my hips, but be gentle with the clitoris – demands L.T., 41 year old. – And let me clearly know that you love what you do. Indecision extinguishes desire”.

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