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If she is 30 years old

If she is 30 years old

She has much less desire to talk to strangers in cramped, smoky places. And she is determined to be happy and relaxed. Career, friends, home – she still preserves all priorities, but these women are more independent and willing to indulge their desires. It is at this age, when women face an unexpected discovery: sex – is not only a social obligation, but also a pleasure in itself.


Women in this age group increasingly want to have the children (if she hasn’t had them yet, of course). Partner selection is now determined by the requirements of the family. Just imagine! Decent men who complained that women were interested only in complete fools or criminals may relieve: now vagina-Russians choose practical and positive partners. Moreover, at this age the lady stands firmly financially and does not require you  $xxxx for new shoes right on the first date.


Date with a woman of “30-39” would be more intelligent and less noisy: you can go to the museum or on a concert, cook dinner together. Find out, for example, what the public lectures are given at the local planetarium. Or choose an interesting movie. She needs the right impression, food for thought and discussion.

If she is 30 years oldSHORT AFFAIR

Women aged 30 to 39 years dump those who “do not fit”. Be careful, think over your each step. Look for a lady who is serious about long-term relationships, and show her your appropriate attitude.


Use cynically her biological clock. At the age of “30-39” they want to have sex more and more. The researchers from the University of Texas conducted a survey among 827 women aged 18 to 65 years: as expected, women with low fertility (ie, whose chances of getting pregnant are being reduced every year, simply by the laws of nature) have unbridled behavior, to increase the chances to have a child (and do not think that their behavior is conscious). They think more about sex (and more practically), make sex oftener than youth (aye!), and are willing to have sexual relations with someone they know recently. The nature hurries them. But still women at this age know their body better and how to get the most out of it.


We asked the women of this age, whether a man should talk during sex, and what about. Answer – Yes, he should. How good he feels. L.S., 37 years old: “Not only words, but also sounds are important to me. I need to hear what he feels, whether I’m doing everything well, whether I look sexy“.

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