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If she is 20 years old

If she is 20 years old

Smooth, good figure – but inexperienced, violent and erratic. Attempts to explain these women are as successful as the forecasts, what Lady Gaga will wear at the next Ceremony Grammy Awards.


Women in the category of “20-29” are concerned about three things, says a practicing psychologist Nina Thomas: career, search for yourself and relationships. There’s a great probability to get married: in Russia, the average age of a woman to get married (sociologists clarify – “first marriage“), – is 23 years old. But the search for a husband, and a race through the ranks are accompanied by a desire to be a part of a crowd, they have recently been mean girls, they want to have fun, go to parties, have adventure and so on. Previously, it was called “to hang out”.


The mathematicians from an International dating site OkCupid analyzed 3.2 million user profiles and found that the most frequently used phrase by women is – “my friends“. Top 20 phrases include – “the relationship with my mother“. For women aged 20 to 29, close relations with parents and friends are more important than for those of other age. Be ready for anything that is connected with her best friends – decided together (and without your participation) trips, dance parties, brunches in the company of six girls. Be careful when she talks about her friends, remember their names and facts.

If she is 20 years oldHER SEX

Our survey showed that women from 20 to 29 years reach orgasm during sex more rarely than the older ones. And they experience pain during sex oftener than older women. They are new to sex and follow your impulses, sometimes they have no time to think about themselves. “They also want to try every move from books about sex, but some positions are not so comfortable“, – says an American sexologist Debby Herbenick, who helped us in the processing of the results of the study.


During sex with a young girl, even a minimal light source (such as a candle) is better than darkness. And not just because this way you can watch her contours. This allows you to see her reaction to what is happening. In response to the question “What is a good lover?” – a 20-year-old K.A. told us: “If he understands hints, gestures, sounds, he is incomparable. The more he thinks about me, the better I can take care of him“.

Another particular recommendation: she likes variety. The more types of sex you use (hands, oral and vaginal sex), the more likely she will reach orgasm. Extend foreplay. And do not forget that the majority (45%) of the survey participants aged 20 to 29 said that the ideal duration of the sexual act is 15 minutes or less.

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