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How to sleep with her?

How to sleep with her?

People who live together for a long time, sometimes have a problem: at some point they begin to sleep in separate beds. Because it’s more convenient. In order not to get into trouble, we tell you how to sleep with a woman.


Whatever you may think she does not want you to hug her all night long. She will be pleased to lie down with you a little bit in the famous pose of “spoon”, and then stretch herself on her half of the bed. “And that’s a healthy approach – agrees a somnologist, Lisa Shivz. – It is very difficult to sleep when you’re trapped by someone else”.


Do not forget that the girls pay much more attention to bedding than you, – continued Dr. Shivz. – They like to lie comfortably, and the bed should be tidy. “And do not be offended if she wants to change your bed linens. If she likes here, she will come again.


Not every girl will be happy if a playful partner wakes her up with a question: “Are you sleeping?“. Women often complain of insomnia, so it is not the fact that she falls sleep like a baby. And if she doesn’t sleep well because of you – guess who will share all the joys of her bad mood?

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