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How to marry an Italian

How to marry an Italian - photo1

The girls have the secrets, which they almost never disclose. One of them is a dream … of Italian bridegroom! Let’s be honest and talk about this. Perhaps for the first time. Charming and courageous Italian pop and film stars have served as a model for the Ukrainian women, at least for the previous fifty years.

We decided to conduct a journalistic investigation and talked to one of the girls from Kiev who is about to become the wife of Italian. How did this happen? Oksana told us about that, she is an accountant at one of the metropolitan firms. Let’s not mention the names. We will only say that our meeting was held in the evening in the park Zolotovorotsky, in July.

– Xenia, tell us please how this all started?

– This all started a year ago. It didn’t start from the singles’ ads! I decided to learn Italian. Because this language has seemed to me the most beautiful in the world since my childhood. On the Internet, I selected the language school, it is located in the city center, not far from here. Our teacher was an Italian woman, she spoke Russian very well. Italian came easily to me, and for six months I have learnt the basics of speaking, I understood the meaning of Italian songs, and I even spoke on the phone with our Italian partners at work. I began to attend the Italian speaking club. Then the spring came. At one of Sunday’s meetings of the club, I saw Mario. I will not describe all the romance of our acquaintance, but it happened that we first became friends, and then decided to get married.

– Can it be so simple? Italian basics, self-confidence and quick success?

– I do not know … I didn’t program myself It all happened due to the school. Maybe it will surprise you, but life surprises us sometimes. And I want to add: the pursuit of knowledge is always rewarded! (Laughing)

How to marry an Italian - photo2– Have you already been to Italy? And – what was next?

– Of course! When I was in Italy, I met with Mario’s parents, bathed in the sea, learnt the secrets of Italian cuisine. His parents live in Rimini – a beautiful city on the Adriatic coast. There’s even Fellini square in the city! This filmmaker was born in Rimini. A micro-state of San Marino is located not far from it (we took a trip there). In addition, there are two “pearls” of Italy – Bologna and Florence.

– Well, can you please tell about all the necessary formalities for marriage?

– This is the most difficult. After all, an Italian can register a marriage with a foreigner at home, with just a few photocopies of documents. Well, I had to do a lot of paperwork, to certify translations, stamp certificates issued. But, in the end, it’s not that difficult! A little time, some money – that’s it.

– OK, I wish you happiness and success in both your personal life and in the study of Italian!

– Thank you, I will try!).

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