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How to be happy in love: start with yourself!

How to be happy in love: photo3

Woman’s happiness – a man close to her. But does it correspond to today’s realities?

Quite often girls meeting a potential partner start looking for not only advantages, but also disadvantages, both her personal and also his, losing the essence. In the relationship, not only the first period of passion is important, and but also future life, based on mutual understanding, love and support. Let’s try to understand whether this tactics is correct or alternatively wrong.

In search for a modern prince

Quite often, discussing young men with their friends, girls admit that they can’t find real men in their environment, only those not worthy of their attention. All good and reliable men have been for a long time. There are only “Mama’s little boy“, “bastards” or gay. But is it really?

How to be happy in love: photo2Constantly repeating the same phrase, we program ourselves to the paradoxical idea. Men without us are like children, can not do anything, they need us to show them where to go, what to do, how to improve, etc. Where can we get a normal man, if we’re looking for a prince on a white horse, and only criticize ordinary men? If our partner begins to match the created ideal – he gives flowers only on holidays or say compliments only after the request – we are sincerely surprised. Why, after months of “eating his head off” the husband gives you the promised anniversary vacuum cleaner, instead of desired necklace?

Maybe it’s us, it’s us who should stop criticizing and condemning. Men, too, are adults and have their own opinion, it’s not similar to ours. Try to overestimate their abilities, to trust and rely on the them. After all, we chose them, and love them for some good features. Let us remember how beautiful it is.

Maybe you are not a princess?

How to be happy in love: photo1Well, yes, we, as native Russian women, “She would stop a running horse, and rush in a burning house“, and everything else instead of her beloved one. And maybe you should slow down for a moment and figure out what you really want. Maybe you want a quiet family happiness? And let the horses run by and let others get under the house – and your partner will carry you as it was in the first few months after you met.

Probably, you should learn to be happy. Stop developing complexes with or without reason. Enjoy every day like a child. Of course, it is quite difficult to do it, but you can if you wish. Just remember that the strength of every woman lies in her weakness, a man is created to conquer the difficulties – and women in particular.

Try to delight yourself with pleasant things at least for a week daily, and you will notice many changes in your quality of life. Create your own your list of goodies and practice it every day. Enjoying life and being in a state of harmony, you will brighten your everyday life, as well as everyday life of your loved ones.

Maybe someone would like to surpass the plan and allow herself pleasant things several times. Ladies, remember: only a happy woman can make happy any man.

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