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How for newlyweds not get drunk at the wedding

How for newlyweds not get drunk at the wedding - photo1

The closer the wedding come – the more excitement. You’re running around like a squirrel in a cage and solve the problems, you lose weight and you forget to eat, after all, your body is weakened to the maximum. And that’s before the holiday. And what will happen on that solemn day when you put on a snow-white veil and get married?

You can stand it, especially since the wedding is not a test. But how to survive when the champagne bottles are emptied with the speed of light? After all, to get drunk at your own wedding is not an attractive development. It’s good when you and your chosen people are quiet people, but no one is immune from dancing on tables and other pranks not very acceptable at a wedding.

So you should take care in order not to get drunk at the wedding. How to protect yourself from alcohol overdose?

  1. Before the beginning of the celebration, drink 50 grams of alcohol – it will prepare your body for the subsequent stress.
  2. Have breakfast with something oily. It is best to eat oatmeal, but if you do not have time for this – you can do a simple sandwich. Drink a raw egg.
  3. When there is an official part and trips by car, shooting – drink as little as possible, usually on the camera.
  4. Before the meal, drink strong tea.
  5. How for newlyweds not get drunk at the wedding - photo2Do not make a sip too often, make small sips. Even when they tell you to drink to the bottom, but if there is a chance – do not do it.
  6.  Do not mix alcohol.
  7. Eat.
  8. Be active in the entertaining program, communicate more with the guests and enjoy a holiday with a bouquet, not with a glass in your hand!
  9. After the feast, drink a cup of coffee or tea with lemon. Drink coffee all night long.
  10. To sober up, you can make a cocktail: rinse a glass with oil, pour 1 egg yolk, 1-2 teaspoons of tomato sauce, add red and black pepper and a few drops of vodka and a bit of lemon juice, mix and drink it in one gulp. Of course, you won’t find all these ingredients at the wedding, but it would be perfect to make it at home.

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