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First love – the strongest?

First love

Someone falls in love once and forever, and other one gets married three times, and every time – for love. Is it worth believing in first love? Our heroes have found the answer to this question.

To talk about the strength of a first love, it is necessary initially to agree on what is meant by this concept itself. Passion in the kindergarten and elementary school, or still something more deliberate and serious? I propose to focus on the second variant, because there is no doubt about that in transiency and fickleness of the first one. Perhaps someone will argue, citing Romeo and Juliet or a hero of the movie “I ask to blame Klava K. for my death”, but it’s a high art, but in real life everything is much more prosaic. “Big and real” comes in the main mass of people when they have already bid farewell to tin soldiers and Barbie dolls. But whether this first feeling becomes very long, strong and sturdy – is a controversial question. You should not trust the followers of psychoanalysis or Beigbeder unconditionally whose love lives only three years.

Alla (45 years old): “My ex-husband noticed me from the very first seconds of my appearance in their ninth “A” grade. I was quite pretty, plus the effect of “novelty” played its role. Many boys have paid attention to me, but Vadim somehow immediately and unconditionally defined his leadership in the fight for my attention. By prom neither us nor friends, or our parents had a slightest doubt that we would get married and would always be together. We did get married, but with the “together forever” did not work. The first ten years were very happy, we gave birth to two children, we almost never did quarrel and understood each other perfectly. And then I began to feel like I was drowning in this peace without emotions and feelings of fireworks. Once my husband mentioned in ordinary conversation that he treated me like a sister. I told that I perceived him as a brother and offered to divorce. Vadim was terribly offended, and we had not been talking for a few days, but after a couple of months, he admitted I had been right. We broke up, and we didn’t regret it. He got married, and our daughters now love to visit his family and play with their little brother. And two years ago I got married and I feel that we still have a lot of interesting and unknown things. So the first love is strong only, until you fall in live for the second time”.

First loveAnya and Maxim (just married, 25 years old): “We’ve known each other for eight years. First. we lived together for a long time, and we decided to register, because we are expecting a baby. We hope that our first love will not be destroyed and will remain as strong as it is now“.

Whether a desire of a young couple will come true, only the time will show. Someone is able to feel love repeatedly, and other one is a chronic one-woman man. Some people believe that the first love is nothing more than a nice, but a distant memory, and other people can not love. For some people, first love is the strongest, and for other people – the last one. By the way, my own husband is my former classmate, but he was not my first love, thus, if our feelings will pass the test of life, I can safely say that the second love is the strongest.

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