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First Date – repetition

First Date - repetition - photo3

What to say on a first date to surely win the second one. Female perspective on your major mistakes.

Is it possible to make the anthology of the types of women you met? Relationships with them were very different, and what integrates them all is that they are all over? And then suddenly you met another cutie … It looks like you have another first date, which could become the last, or last a significant period of life. Each new first date – it’s Groundhog Day. You’re back at the beginning, and you should keep in mind all the previous failures to pass the next karmic rake.

Whatever happened, do not save time on personal life. Therefore, in any case, tune in to a detailed meeting and quiet conversation. Do not rush to produce effect from the first moment, speaking with loud, nervous haste and gesticulating. If she came, then, she is going to stay in the coming hours. And most likely, too she is also excited, so you’d better cheer her up with first compliment. That’s it. Now, let’s go.

First Date - repetition - photo1The French are convinced that in order to conquer a woman it is enough to make her laugh. Laughter really relieves stress and helps to tune into playful mood. It’s great when a man can afford to fool around with all the heart. The main thing is not to try to entertain your new friend with a series of jokes about PMS and avoid situations when your jokes are funny only to you. Basically, you’re not obligated to learn the jokes from «Comedy Club». Just let her know that you are not scary and you have a sense of humor.

It is better to give out the information about yourself, as necessary, gradually and unobtrusively, as small everyday stories. They must be justified by the situation, working to complement your image, they must intrigue, may become a veiled compliment to the young lady, or make her tell her own stories.

First Date - repetition - photo2If a girl does not actively ask questions, the subject can fished out of the memories of the place where you are (“band here is the library … and I often came here when I wrote my doctorate … but now I do boxing and completely lost interest in pedagogy …” ), current season (“actually at this time I always enjoy going to Japan to enjoy cherry blossoms, but this year I decided to stay, and now I understand why ….”), currently consumed foods (“Mmm, tasty pie! Hm. Can you bake? Wow. Can you learn me? “). In short, from anything.

However, do not to let the waves of your memory carry you too far. If a girl is nodding for half an hour, and saying yes, looking thoughtfully straight ahead – it shows that she almost fell into a trance state of “heightened interest” in the conversation. Try to bring her out of sleep mode by a question. Ask her about her favorite roles by George Clooney or about the intricacies of playing the harp. Be ready to irrational conclusions and unexpected transitions from topic to topic. Be surprised, open your eyes wide with wonder for half an hour, she will appreciate that.

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