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First date: Five important tips for men

First date: Five important tips for men - photo2

Women are mostly unpredictable creatures, and the idea to go on a first date with one of them can make most men quiver – of fear, or excitement, or both. Do I have to act like a medieval knight or better treat her as an equal? To resolve this issue for many men is like walk the tightrope over the abyss.

Do not be late for a first date

Everyone talks about the first impression. But you may not have even a chance to make any impression on the girl. If you linger a little longer, she will just go away. Women hate it when they have to wait – when they are waiting, their brains start to work hard, and they begin to think of a million things that they could do instead of having to stand and wait. And after some time, your girl will go and do those million things, and you will be left to stand and wait – it serves you right.

Look neat

First date: Five important tips for men - photo3Women like it when a man looks like he care about their appearance just a little. After all, she spent several hours near the mirror, dressing up for that special date. Therefore she has a right to expect the same from you, that you also spent at least a few minutes on it. You do not have to take a set of procedures in SPA-salon, you just need to take efforts up to look attractive. All you have to do is to take a shower, shave, iron your clothes, polish shoes – and you’re ready! You look good, you feel good and ready to make the most important first impression.


Women love to receive gifts at any time of the year, regardless of the reason or season. And there is no other better reason for a gift than a date. This is enough to strike her. You’ll never go wrong if you come with a bouquet of flowers. Or, even better, with a single red rose. Most women will appreciate the gesture. This will give them the opportunity, without a word to say to the world that they date a great guy.

Be a gentleman

First date: Five important tips for men - photo1Show your girlfriend that the traditions of medieval chivalry are still alive. Open the door for her, move a chair, lie down on the floor so that she could pass through a puddle without damaging her expensive shoes. Well, okay, do not lie down. But did you get what I’m talking about, right? Either feminist – or not, any woman would be glad to receive such attention.

Compliments, compliments, compliments

Women love compliments. The first thing you have to say, after the word “Hello” is “you look great”. Keep talking in the same spirit all the evening, do not take your eyes off her – and she will be yours forever.

Here is the question. And it has no answer. The only thing I can say – watch her signals and body language – they should give you the answer.

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