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Dating online: common mistakes

Dating online: common mistakes

Though online dating implies a certain rules, but it is not much different from dating in real life. In this article, we will tell you about common mistakes on dating sites and how to avoid them.

Trivial greetings

One thing is certain: what does not work in real life, will have no effect in online dating. Lofty phrases like “You are beautiful like a star! Only the stars are beautiful at night, and you are pretty even in the afternoon!” will hardly find a desired response in the heart of a charming lady. Under certain circumstances, you can use something like that as a joke, but you should not start your acquaintance with such a phrase.

Be patient

Try not to be too assertive when communicating. There is no need to put pressure on the candidates you are interested in and use such phrases as, “Why do not you answer me?”. Please, try not to write your buddies senseless messages, a la “I just ate and it was very tasty!”. If a message like that was not responded, wait for a response, or at least soak pause before sending the next message.

Take communication easier, and it will help you to avoid disappointment associated with high expectations. Relationships take time and can not stand the pressure.

Be intriguing

A big plus (or minus?) in online communication is that it involves a degree of anonymity, which often results in excessive candor. We can easily tell our most intimate secrets to online friends.

Therefore, we advise you not to tell the details of your personal life at the beginning of communication. Try to stick to talking about the interests, plans and goals. Before you open your map, think whether you would do the same thing in a personal meeting with a person.

Avoid ambiguity

When we are communicating in person – we often joke. For our interlocutor it is easy to get us, as we use intonation and non-verbal language – facial expressions, body language and so on. Another thing comes with online communication.

When we do not see a person’s face, hear his voice, sometimes it is difficult to get whether it was a joke for not. In order to accurately convey your thoughts, to give it a certain hue, internet-users use emoticons. However, we don’t recommend to use too many smiles, as this could be interpreted as a sign of immaturity.

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