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Best time to seduce a woman

Best time to seduce a woman - photo1

When does a woman feel in the most romantic way and when is she ready for sex? Sociologists have decided to ask women about that.

Saturday, at 11 pm – that’s the time when a woman finds her in a romantic mood and she is ready to have sex. Moreover, in the evening the majority of women wants something new, not just banal sex in the bed, says The Huffington Post.

Survey conducted among 1,000 women showed that sexual relationships outside of the home is the best way to increase sexual arousal for most of them. The most desirable sex for women is sex in the open air. In second place belongs to sex at work.

Best time to seduce a woman - photo2They also found that women from the south-west, north-west and Scotland are more sexually satisfied among British women. But women living in Ireland were less fortunate – among them less than 30% consider themselves to be satisfied.

However, Irish have sex oftener – 40% of them come into intimate contact more than three times a week.

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