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7 Secrets: How to seduce a man

7 Secrets: How to seduce a man

Each woman has her secrets of seduction. Especially if it comes to the art of flirting. What tricks do the ladies use to drive men crazy?

Many people believe that to seduce a woman is easier than a man. But in reality this is not always true. Sometimes women have to use their “secret weapon“.

Sexologists analyzed the studies conducted in different countries, and found that the most common female sex secrets are:

  1.  Stockings
  2.  Sexy underwear
  3.  Short Skirt
  4.  High Heels
  5.  Deep cleavage
  6.  Red lipstick
  7.  Delicious dinner

Also, the specialists have found that if a woman wants to seduce a man, before a date with him, she takes a bath with essential oils, makes hair styling, uses her favorite perfume.

Many women openly flirt with men, bat their eyes, act unequivocally. Another way to seduce a man – is sexy dance.

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