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5 reasons to sleep with you on a first date

5 reasons to sleep with you on a first date - foto1

1. Curiosity

She is sitting in front of you in a cafe and studying how you smile and frown as a ufologist, how you are sipping from the glass, your eyes sparkling, she thinks your joke was smart enough … Now, when you’ve just started to talk, you’re something like a creature from another planet for her. It is possible that her thoughts may get more spicy orientation: she wonders how you look naked? prefer back or on top? Whether you moan during orgasm? Such thoughts, multiplied by a few glasses of champagne, and her innate tendency to adventurism and your hand perched on her knee – and your new friend is likely to decide to satisfy … her curiosity.

2. To show her best side

Yes, female public is aware that availability is good mainly in relation to mortgages. But this is only one side. And on the other side, each of us has ever heard as you, guys, greedily dream of a sexually liberated female friends who know a lot about bodily pleasures. If the girl evaluates her sexuality 9 of 10 (she lost weight, after Brazilian waxing, bought red underwear, mastered the technique of deep throating), she could easily try to pave the way to your heart. The calculation is simple: to convince you as soon as possible that it was your best sex in your life with her, and you simply can not find a better woman than her. And, hope that the question “will he call / not?” simply will not arise, because you will not find strength to get out of her embrace.

5 reasons to sleep with you on a first date - foto23. The desire to feel light-headed

For most women, the apogee of madness is to eat half a pizza in one person at night or have her hair dyed in red. But there are situations when, for example, we recently broke up with a man with whom we were connected by long, tedious and very serious relationship, which finished by one big nothing …. or raise at work turned into a sequence is extremely important decisions … or best friend got married a biker … In short, we go crazy because of a regular life we live. That’s when we say to ourselves, “Oh, it can go hang” and we look for the opportunity to make a stupid thing, to remember with pride and shame when we go back to usual lifestyle. Sex on the first date ideally meets the specified parameters.

4. To save time

There is nothing sadder, when you date long and carefully. When you are going to cafes / cinema / exhibitions, holding hands and taking your time with kissing, feeling sadistic pleasure from almost virginal relationship. When you are making plans, fantasizing about each other and almost picking the names for your future children. In short, you spend a lot of force-time-emotions and play roses and candy stage in full, 5 reasons to sleep with you on a first date - foto3assuming that a long-awaited sex will become a cherry on this cake of mutual sympathy. And then comes the day, though, night, when you find yourselves in the same bed, and – bam! – It turns out that in the erotic aspect you fit each other, like a boa constrictor – bear. Insulting? Pain doesn’t begin to describe it! After several failures some girls conclude that sex is a key element in the relationship, so dating should start with it, in order not to waste time on men, unfit to this aspect.

5. “Special” mood

If women never wanted just sex (without emotions and reflections, and – sorry for naturalism – just to come), we would not watch porn and masturbate. It happens that things are going quite well: the desired day of the menstrual period, a free apartment, and you, charming and smelling good … Admit it, that in this case it would be stupid to kiss you on the cheek, go home and change batteries in the vibrator.

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