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2 ways to attract a girl

2 ways to attract a girl

There are many ways for guys to attract a girl, but not all of them really work and give the results that you expect. We present two ways how the guys can attract girls.

You need to understand the psychology of women

Primarily, a woman choose a partner on a subconscious level – the one that meets her requirements. Woman is biologically programmed to search for a man from whom she can give birth to healthy children, and who can protect her and the offspring of any hazards.

This means that strong, confident men are more attractive to women, because they can give a sense of confidence and security. Conversely, mama’s boys and poor men who let their wives rule them, are not very attractive to women.

So, you need to become strong, confident and educated in order to attract women.

Create a story of your success with women

2 ways to attract a girlAn impressive history of success with women has a positive effect on your attractiveness to other women. If you’re familiar with many women, others will also want to meet you, because it will become fashionable. So, all you have to do is to get into this stream.

Be friendly. Talk more to the opposite sex. Flirt with them, invite on a date, sleep with them. Soon you’ll be the talk of your city, and many women will dream about getting acquainted with you. And then it happens that it is the women who will chase after you, and not vice versa.

These are two unique ways successfully tested by many men to attract women. If you’re going to follow them faithfully, you will definitely improve your sex life.

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